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About Us

A little about Designed Diesels. I one of three owners set out to improve braking capabilities in light duty trucks. I was tired of the drum brakes lacking for stopping power. I knew many other have or currently feal the same way.  So, my business partners Ryan and Edin and I came up with using Wilwood calipers and rotors but using custom brackets and hubs to adapt on to front or rear ends.  

I (Fredrick Johnson) am still currently active-duty military serving with 

1-21 2nd brigade 25th ID. I am infantry in a D-CO (heavy weapons company). I will be ending my service on May 12th, 2024. I also started this business because of my extreme hearing loss hitting a tier 3 profile and have bilateral hearing aids. My hearing loss is progressive meaning I will completely be deaf by 35-40. 

Both of my business partners are owners of Automotive Ingenuity HD based out of New York. If you're in the area and need work on your diesel pick up there your folks to ask! Also feel free to check them out on social media! I hope to see y'all out there for the 2024 show season and I'm excited to show everyone what we are capable of!

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